Wednesday, February 7, 2007

beginnings of something

I have been playing with this canvas since yesterday. This thing has multiple layers of paint and old papers on it..........each thing I have done to it I have not been happy with. So I re-primed it last night and decided "what the heck" and painted onto it today. It looks pretty neat but who knows what it will end up like. One of the many things I adore about doing collage. I can feel another abstract one coming on.
I am wanting to do one more collage for the gallery-I have to deliver them next Friday so they have to be all ready to hang, etc. My poor brain feels like it needs a break-actually its screaming that it needs one!LOL. I am mentally and physically tired. Feeling better from the sinus infection stuff, but just tired otherwise. ugh. I hate feeling like this!


Debi Wind said...

Oh Kristy I love the colors on this canvas! Why don't you step away from it for a day and not do any art tomorrow. You will feel better and have a fresher outlook. You will still have plent of time to get one more done, I promise!


sue said...

This is looking pretty cool! Sometimes I end up with so many layers underneath of what I wasn't pleased with-and those are the ones that I end up liking the best.

Anonymous said...

Kristy.....this is stunning as it is right now. I love those colors and can't wait to see what you add to it.