Tuesday, February 13, 2007


Not much to really blog about the last few days, unfortunately.
My husband was sick with the flu ALL weekend, then Gillian got it sunday night-I was up ALL night sunday night/monday morning-not one ounce of sleep at all. I was so deliriously tired!LOL Still am-I had to take the day off work today as well (pressing rubber, shipping, etc) because Gillian is still not 100% and I am just too dang tired.
Amidst all my tiredness I still gathered up some supplies and did a 9x12 collage. How I did it I will never know. I was just staring at this leaf image, gathered up some papers , grabbed a couple different paints and just created. I was amazed at how well it turned out , being as tired as I was. I am attaching it here. Now I have my 3 collages to take to the gallery on Friday.
whew. I am attaching a pic of it-of course it looks way different in person-pictures never do them justice. I REALLY like it. Its amazing how you can just look at an image and be inspired by it and just go with it and create something. I had no idea, being how tired I was, how it would even turn out. Thats usually how I start out-being inspired by a certain image and just going with the flow of things.
Also attaching an image I gessoed and painted in. I LOVED this picture of the two hands with the butterfly! It was a free domain photo that I converted to b/w and went from there. I did this last week.
I am hoping tonight after a good night's sleep that we will ALL feel better around here. I am also keeping my fingers crossed that I don't get this horrible stomach flu! I have been washing and disinfecting around here like a madwoman!

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Anonymous said...

Kristy...i hope everyone is on the mend and feeling better. I just got over a nasty cold and it was the pits. Thankfully Montana never got sick.

Love your latest pieces.