Sunday, February 11, 2007

collage is coming along

Here's one that I have been working on the past couple days-in between taking care of a very sick husband (stomach flu-yuck!) and a very hyperactive toddler :(
Needless to say I am ALL nerves right now-Gillian must feel alot of my anxiety/exhaustion at the moment plus with her dad being so sick is not helping.
Gillian has been really having a rough couple of days and its really getting to me, unfortunately :(

Anyway, I am making a teeny bit of progress. still more to do, but I am taking a small break. I do hope my muse continues to work. When I am under extreme stress when Gillian acts up it makes it VERY difficult. I have to have a 3rd collage ready soon-I have to deliver these to the gallery on Friday and I am really wanting to take 3 , rather than 2.

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