Friday, February 16, 2007

Hard Drive Crash

ohhhhh woe is me :( My just-under-a-year old computer crashed. died. Would not even boot up to windows!~ My son was on the 'puter playing a game and suddenly is just froze up, so I went to restart it and it just wouldn't do a darn thing. so I rushed it to CompUSA where we got it and he confirmed that the hard drive was gone-not even able to recover any data off it. sigh. I lost EVERYTHING. sigh. I learned my lesson-I NEED to get an external hard drive. This stinks! I luckily have an old CPU that I am using at the moment, so I am not totally silent and can answer emails, etc. I am pretty caught up on my orders for the most part, but there is one lady I need to get ahold of to get her address. She also ordered some more stuff today and I can't remember it all so I need to get that from her too. sigh. I am trying not to get overly worried about it, as it always works out so worrying is a waste of time, you know? My computer won't be back for about 7-10 days they say. Oh well, at least its under warranty, and , I do have at least a computer to use in the mean time.

The day was GREAT until this happened. I got all my stuff down to the gallery-it was SO great. Today is take-in day so there was a ton of new art being brought in. It works like a co-op, its really kewl I think. I have to work a couple shifts a month (like 4 hours per shift) and I am really excited to get out of the house (away from kids) and be around not only some adults, but some inspiration as well.
Yesterday our gallery down town here , which is also a frame shop, showed interest in my work as well. she asked lots of questions and she told me she wants to know how it does at this other gallery. she said one of their featured artists saw my work and wanted to buy one!LOL It made me feel real good. She gave me such high compliments. she's been working in the art industry for like 20 years or so, so it was a real compliment I thought. I am sure she will see me again soon -Its right down the street a bit and I always have them put the wire on the backs of my canvas for hanging. I am sure being in contact with her will help too. Seems like alot of doors have been opening lately and I am beyond thrilled.

Gillian got over her flu and is back to her normal, spunky self. I am SO glad. So far I haven't gotten it, and fingers crossed that I don't get it-I don't want it! Lots of people around here are getting the stomach flu :(

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Kelly Kilmer said...

I'm so sorry Kristy. I've been there and done that already. We lost everything on the puter over a year ago. UGH> UGH UGH.
What was your son doing-what site?
We now have an external harddrive and David backs up stuff every day now.
I know that when Tristan has gone to the Cartoon Network site it often freezes on our 'puter :P