Monday, February 5, 2007

something new

I finished this collage-not sure if I like it though. I am not sure why?
I think its well balanced and all-maybe I just need to walk away from it.

I am feeling much better-slowly getting back into my routine again. It was a sinus infection and it totally kicked my butt this time!

I have been asked to design a CD cover for an upcoming CD for a band. Its one of my online friends and he is just too cool. One of the band members was from "The Sparks" if any of you 80's folks remember them :) He's the drummer and does the recordings in his studio. Nice guys! I feel honored and priveleged to do some artwork for their CD. Now they are coming up with a name for it and I guess I can take it from there.

Today my Gilly starts her special class. I am happy in a way, sad in others. That IEP meeting from last week really had me in an uproar. I am still pretty mad about it but I am trying to realize they don't know what they are talking about! ARGH!! I think Gilly will excel in this class-only 5 kids and 3 adults. And these people are specialized to work with kids with special needs.
Hopefully today will be a good day. I am trying to do what makes me feel good today. Its just one of those days.


Babsarella said...

I think it is WONDERFUL!

Jo Wholohan said...

thanks for your comment on my blog Kristy!!! Love this collage, the colours, the lot :))

primdollie said...

Glad to hear you are feeling better and love the pictures of you and your award!!! How wonderful!! you surely deserved it!!! and I love this new piece!!! and of course my fav color is green so it has to be spectacular!!!!and great news on designing a CD cover how wonderful!! can't wait to see it!!!
Hugs Linda