Saturday, July 21, 2007

My Stamp/Art area

Finally I got some pics of my stamp area. Its SMALL but workable for me, because I have it organized well. I USED to have an entire room for this-but, my two kids shared a room. I felt my boy (9 at the time) needed his OWN room rather than sharing a room with his little sister.

I got rid of a TON of stuff, condensed it and organized it and moved it into a room, which I share with little Gillian. I felt sort of guilty about sharing a room with her for my art stuff......BUT, she LOVES art and loves to do stuff with me. So, with that, I guess its not too bad. She has plenty of space to work right along side me at my table. She even has her own art stuff too. I need to get her stuff organized soon. We just got her a twin bed (we had her in it WAY too long!). She was small for so long that we used the crib to our advantage, and besides, she still fit in it LOL

Well , she is starting kindergarten next month and will be 5 next month as well, so I refuse to send my 5 year old to kindergarten when she sleeps in a crib !LOL Anyway, she got her bed yesterday and I have had to rearrange the room a bit so I thought I would get a pic of my stamp area while its clean (or fairly clean anyway!).

There are those carts underneath my table-behind those are MORE carts FULL of stuff. Stuff I don't use often, obviously! I guess its time to get rid of more stuff.

Oh yeah, and notice all the stars and swirls on the walls? I hand carved those and stamped the walls myself. I still love it :) It was a project I had done almost 5 years ago, right before Gilian got home from the hospital. Luckily we found a nice bedspread to match the room LOL

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