Thursday, July 19, 2007

Fun with palette knives

ohhhhhhhhhh my new love is Palette knives! I have had a set for a month or so and decided to get these babies out along with some acrylics and fool around with them. I got some black cardstock and just picked a few colors of acrylics and just applied these paints however. I started with the blue first then got the "Apricot" colored paint and applied that-I liked the effect of the scraped sort of look with this color-where you can sort of see the blue underneath? love it!

I applied the copper last.

I am attaching a pic of the background before I stamped on it, along with the ATC I did using the background. (sorry, the scan is kinda crooked, but you

get the idea :)

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Kelly said...

awesome background! awesome colors!