Sunday, February 27, 2011

Throwing Up The Red Flag

I have part of the day alone today. Wow. How nice is this? And at such a much needed time, too.

Today is a bit of a celebration. Last tuesday at my doctor appointment my blood pressure was high to begin with. After my news, it shot up over 200 (not sure what the bottom number was-cannot remember-but I do know it was over 100 something). Two days later when I visited again, still very high. She started me on my meds and this is my third day on them-I am now happy to report as of this morning my BP is 121/84. YES!!!!! I feel REALLY good. I feel calm and happy. Even though the other news I received was bad, my first priority is getting my blood pressure down. I didn't know it could cause so much damage. My husband told me last night to NOT get myself stressed out over my blood pressure now-it will make it worse!LOL I realized yesterday that I hyperventilate constantly-apparently that increases anxiety. I am the type that runs constantly-I rarely sit down. Always going going going. When I was at the library, I picked up a book about anxiety. It talked about these relaxation techniques and one of them is breathing deeply-3 secs in and 3 secs out. I tried it and WOW what a difference. Seriously. I never realized I hadn't been breathing deeply. So now I am training myself to do that. I have to train myself to do alot, actually. Lots of things outside my comfort zone ( like asking for help). Today I am so thankful I have a wonderful doctor who cared about me enough to call me back into her office just to tell me that I NEED to take better care of myself, or else! Thinking today of the things I HAVE to do inspired me to do a piece of art today-sort of like a mini journal page. I want to put this in a place where I can look at it each day and REMEMBER these things.

Here is my list :

BREATHE deeply

Go for a walk

Let things go

Ask for Help

Watch a funny movie

Go to the Library ( a place that I love)

Imperfection is okay

Call a friend

When I thought of these things, I realized, ya know, someone else may need this too. Don't we all need these reminders sometimes? I need these every day.

My goals for this week is to learn to ask for help (thats the hard part-I don't know who to ask, really) and to accept imperfection. To walk past the sink of dishes, or the rug that is out of place (two of my very big peeves).

Ingredients used here:
Acrylic paints, patterned paper, stabilo pencil, Prismacolor pencil, and a sharpie :)


Debi said...

Kristy, first I want to say that I am so thankful your blood pressure has come down. That is a good sign. I can tell you have really given a lot of thought about making changes in your life. You have come up with a wonderful list and I bet as time goes by you will think of more things to add. Keep taking care of yourself...each day will be better than the last.

Cindy said...

I'm glad to hear that your blood pressure is doing better. It sounds like you have a great doctor; I'm so glad for that. Enjoy your alone time -- thanks for sharing your art. Your list will help me when I get stressed.

Billy and Katie said...

I'm so glad it's helping! You are amazing, never ever forget that!

flutterbycrafter said...

What a wonderful page, love the colours and of course your wonderful list. Glad the blood pressure is under control, continue deep breathing.

Neet said...

Great to see you are working to a plan and that your BP is down. Just focusing on constructing a plan will help you in the first instance - then acting on it is so positive.

Keep going - you are a treasure.

Chrissy D said...

Keeping you in my prayers!!! (((HUGS)))