Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Program at Redlands Art Gallery

Here are a couple pics of my art at the program last night. I have more coming-my friend Cindy took a bunch! I am proud of myself-I did it! I talked in front of a crowd! It went very well! I got some really great feedback too!
The picture on the right is my art on the table-you can see the mirror above that. The people in the audience could see it from there!
See the butterfly piece in the middle? They raffled that off, and my friend Cindy Lantier got it!~


Kathy said...

Wow, wow wow!! Congratulations Kristy! Way to go!!!! You and your art rock! :-)

Mar said...

good pieces
good lecture
should bring you a full house for students
isn't this where you plan to have classes....?

Shonna said...

Congrats! I just realized after following your blog for awhile that you must live in Redlands, CA (or near Redlands). Redlands is my home town (I live in San Diego now). My mom still lives there and I visit her often. What a small world!!! Congratulations again!!!

~Barb~ said...

How awesome! Your art is fabulous and I am so glad that you got up there and spoke...I knew the words would come. Way to go!!!
Peace, Love & Art,

Seth said...

Congratulations Kristy!! You must feel so good!