Thursday, February 12, 2009

Canvas coming right along

Here's the canvas I showed you all yesterday-its coming right along :)

This thistle image has really been calling to me. Its an image transfer. The photograph in the upper left is an inkjet image transfer-so there are 2 different transfers on here :)

There is what looks like a little shine to the left of the Thistle-actually those are rub on x's-to connect the image to the left side.

the papers on here are hand painted


Mar said...

coming along nicely!
i tend to do these same colors myself
they make so much pop in the pieces

Sharon said...

I think you were a painter in your previous life Kristy-the thistle is mystical and the colors are luscious.
Inspiring as always... :)

~Barb~ said...

Wow's coming along beautifully. I love the thistle, it adds lots of character. Love it!
Peace & Love,