Friday, February 13, 2009

okay okay, Its done now

I had an idea for was truly bugging me as to what to do here. The top of it just needed something, so I added drips! what fun! Its done now! :)
I had to laugh today-I have never seen a real thistle before. I thought it was a flower-my mom said she looked in the dictionary and its a WEED!!LOL

Oh well, I still think they are neat looking :)


Kathy said...

Wowza Kristy! This is just beautiful! Your work always inspires me! Wonderful job!

Seth said...

Really gorgeous! I love that thistle flower. And those drips.

vintage moon studio said...

Oh wow... this is really fantastic! Happy Valentines Day :) Deb

M said...

Kristy, this is beautiful! Lovely. The colors and arrangement are perfect!
-elizabeth l.

Mar said...

i like drips too
and it did add depth and texture

happy valentines day

Femmy said...

this is beautiful!! colors and design are just perfect!