Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Fun transferring images

With my new epson printer with durabrite inks and Apollo Transparencies!

I was a skeptic, as to whether or not Apollo's really worked different than others-and I
can tell you that all the things I heard were true! The Apollo transparencies work like a dream! I had some other Transparencies and the ink just did not come off like the Apollo.
Here are the two I have done so far today! One is onto an old book page, the
other is onto plain white copy paper. I LOVE how imperfect they came out-yummy!


Diane said...

Beautiful, Kristy. I love the top one.

Sharon said...

Apollo is the greatest! I LOVE the top one, and it is giving me an idea about how to finish a collage about my mother that I've been struggling with. I love cross pollination!

Seth said...

These look just wonderful. Love the text in the background of the first one.

Flippinpest said...

These look amazing, great images!