Saturday, January 24, 2009

Stamp Show

I went to a stamp show today-what fun! I got to meet Ank from Stampinback-she is here from the Netherlands! We had a great visit and I got to see her do some of her amazing stamping-and she wanted to see me stamp too so I demoed a little bit at the IBFS booth as well! I even got to bring home an "Ank" original! ;)

Here are some pictures from today!
Gillian had some fun doing "Faux Carnival Glass" at the After Midnight Booth , right across from IBFS! This was the first time I had taken her with me to a stamp show.


Kimberley said...

That's my mom!! :D

Rianne said...

Thanks for taking the picture, Ank was a bit nerveous doing the demostration, normaly she is talking to do people and let Lies and me do the demo's. We know she can do it and yes her technique is quick easy and amazing.
Glad you had so much fun.
the Netherlands

Mariƫtte said...

hi! And, because Ank is from ther Netherlands, there are many Dutch people who visit your blog today!

greetings, Mariƫtte

atsonjas said...

What a lucky girl you are!. If you want, vist my blog, there is a giveaway! said...

I wished I was there.... give Ank a big hug and enjoy being together!

lies said...

woooow thxx for showing this
Ank is a great stamper
and we all love her techniek in the Netherlands Ank have fun

we mis you gr lies