Thursday, January 22, 2009

Fun at a New (to me) Art Store today!

I was in Art Supply heaven today...........literally! I had learned about this great place out

in Palm Desert called "The Art Colony" quite a while back and have been wanting to go. I finally went today and OMG I about died. That place is so awesome! I live in a small town and we don't have much in the way of art supplies nearby-I always have to drive or else order online. The normal places I go do NOT carry Golden brand products. I wanted to get some more Soft Gel Medium and some of that new Digital Grounds stuff they have and this place has the whole entire Golden line-so it would not only save me $$ on shipping but also I can have it today!

I was beyond excited about this store-everything, and I mean everything...........I am really glad its NOT close by, because I would be flat broke and our mortgage probably would not get paid!LOL

They had some really kewl papers too-had to get some of those. I scanned some snippets of a few of them-I was really crazy about the circle meshy papers I got

and I had to have one sheet of every color-the colors other than the white are actually metallic.

Very cool!! They had alot more and I wanted one of each kind , but, budget won't allow that. Besides, my husband is using everything I buy as leverage to get a special metal detector!LOL

So I guess now I have to watch what I say to him about how much I spend!


kelly said...

enjoy your talent

Diane said...

Well, I will have to look this place up. I love your enthusiasm. I'm glad to hear someone else feels that crazy excitement when entering a big craft store. I swear, my heart starts racing when I get around specialty paper. OMG...I LOVE it! I am in the Ventura Cty area (1000 Oaks/Newbury Park) Where are you located?

~Barb~ said...'ve described my idea of heaven...a huge art supply store that carries all the good stuff. Ahhhh! Enjoy your goodies!
Peace & Love,

Shelly Hickox said...

Ooooh, a metal detector - you can use all the junk he finds in your art! ;-)

Your new collage piece is very cool!

Cindy said...

I'm planning to go in February -- Want to carpool?