Thursday, January 22, 2009

New Work In Progress

I did the background for this one back in July-I transferred an image of a pear and it just did not turn out the way I wanted. Then I had my health issues then my surgery and I have stared at this thing everyday , not knowing honestly what I was going to do with this thing. I thought earlier today, "maybe I will just paint over the failed transfer" .......but it just didn't feel right.

Then I walked by it later and had an "A-ha" moment! I would piece the pear with magazine clippings.I am really loving all this piecing images together. It brought new life back to this piece and I am excited about it again.

Hopefully I will have the inspiration to finish (or at least work on) this one tomorrow. I have several ideas, I just gotta see if it works. This is a 16x20 canvas. The photo of the pear is just a small portion of the canvas. I am also including a photo of the entire backround I did back months ago. I would love to display this piece next month at Redlands Art Gallery for my "Program" night if it comes out the way I want it!

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