Saturday, January 12, 2008

Step Outside your box Saturdays-Magazine Art

Here's my submission for today's "Step Outside Your Box" Challenge!

I worked on this throughout the afternoon-in between errands, dinner, and making a batch of cookies!

This was TRULY outside my box. The image I used here, was from a magazine ad.

She was originally hispanic-I transformed her into a blonde with blue eyes using Acrylics and Caran D'Ache crayons . I also used some colors I normally don't use. I am really happy with this-this was lots of fun. Thanks to Lisa for helping me "Step outside my box."
I LOVE trying new things. I am up for any challenge! You just never know when you try something how it can change your perspective and broaden your skills :)

This one is 5x7 in size, substrate is matboard .


Anonymous said...

it turned out Ggggrrreat! Very happy and vibrant colors and has such a neat graphic quality. love it!


sue said...

Looks like a fun challenge, your art doesn't look like it was outside of the box for you, though-looks more like a pro! I did a similar thing with a magazine image once, a Tara Finley idea, gesso the magazine image face, and then draw some of the features back in with a sharpie. Looked ghosty, but was fun:)
Happy belated Birthday, too!

Kelly said...

wonderful art!!!

Barbara said...

love your lady ...the bright colours

Jillian said...


Anonymous said...

absolutely great!

Jodi said...

This is awesome, Kristy!

Rosie said...

Great fun Kristy - love the way you changed 'her' image!! Brilliant!

Wanda H said...

This is fabulous, Kristy!!

Mary-Beth said...

Incredible Kristy!!!

Cindy said...

She looks really great, Kristie; like you were really comfortable with what you were doing.

inventivesoul said...


When Lisa posted this idea, I was thinking about what I can try out.
When I was doing my laundry this evening I was imagining the outcome.
I love what you did!
Kristy it is PERFECT and I am not just saying that.
You did a wonderful job and it looks good enough to sell!
I am really impressed!

Amber Dawn

Silvia said...

Wow, really wonderful, love the bright colours.