Tuesday, January 1, 2008

My first Inkjet Transfer

I just recently got an inkjet printer -I had one a LONG time ago but got rid of it!

For the past like 7 years I have only been using laser printers. Anyway, I had to replace my good color laser printer recently, and so what I did was get cheap black/white laser then also an inkjet printer. I went and got some inkjet transparency today and did my first ever transfer with my inkjet-and YAY! I was successful! :)

I did a small, 4x6 collage on matboard today and incorporated the photo of the man onto it.

I can see how addicting these inkjet transfers are going to be-I am excited :)

I already checked off something from my "To do " list for 2008 :) Yippeeeeeeeee!


Anonymous said...

Kristy, what a way to start the new year out! Good for you. The collage is awesome!

Inka said...

Great job!... just love it!

Sandra said...