Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Just a little brag-not art related. Well music, I guess thats an artform LOL

Okay, I am so excited I just have to brag...........a little :)
I am friends with this guy who is lead vocalist in a really kewl
independent band (most music I listen to is independent, alternative type)-and
I just got their new CD in the mail and I made the liner notes! They have a thanks to me in there! How cool is that! I have gotten to hear most of the tracks on this cd already-I always give him my opinions :) I have never met him personally, but we have LOTS of mutual friends.
He's just a very kewl guy (and not 'cos he sends me his cd's )
I am just psyched.


MarilynH said...

thats pretty darn cool!!

Kylie said...

Wow, Kristy, that is wonderful news! How cool! Are you allowed to scan and show?? :D

A Note From The Queen said...

wow you're just famous every where aren't you? Rock on girlfriend!!!

Anonymous said...

Kristy, that is cool!!! I would definitely be proud and brag some. Do they have a website?

Earthtone Studios said...

this is great. what's the cd? I'd like to hear it. Lover of music...married to a musician. :)