Thursday, January 10, 2008

Stamping fun and something great happened today

I did a little bit of stamping today with some images from Inka Stamps

I LOVE her Alice In Wonderland stuff so was excited to play with some of them today.

Also did another one with a really neat Medieval type woman.

I am SUPER excited today -when I volunteered in Gillian's class today-I was working with a little down's syndrome boy as I usually do, and the teacher called me over because "Some of the kids would like to read to you" she said. So one little boy read to me and I praised him, then we were done and it turns out GILLIAN was going to read to me next! I cannot believe it! She READ to me! Apparently they started reading this week. Short words of course-Cat, hat, sat, mat-but she sounds them out and everything! What a surprise! I had no idea that was what they were doing . I honestly did not expect her to start reading until next year. I guess I really under estimate her abilities. Thats probably how she can push my buttons so well LOL


Cindy said...

Great news about Gillian. I'm so excited for both of you! Great stamping, too.

Inka said...

How fabulous that Gillian is doing so well. I am sure you were busting your buttons! Nothing like a child to put everything in prospective. I also have to say I just love the cards! Beautiful job!

Anonymous said...

Kristy, these are fabulous!!!! Love the cards! I already knew about Gillian and have say again that it is awesome!! Way to go, Gillian!!