Friday, August 17, 2007

so sad

I am So friend of many years, Vickie Enkoff, has just passed away.
Alot of you know her from her business, Chaos Poste. She was a wonderful, giving person.
She has not been in good health for a while, but this happened just way too fast.
It hasn't totally hit me yet, I feel sort of zombie-like. She was taken to the hospital last night and I received a call late last night from her good friend and mine, Pam Bell. I hardly slept.
Pam and I have spoke multiple times today, she has kept me up to date on all the details.
I was trying to get a bit of rest, and the phone rang and it was her telling me she had just passed away.
It just doesn't seem like this is real.
Every month, Vickie opened her home to some of us in the area to go socialize and do art. Each month they did something different. I had gone a few times and loved it-I wish I could have gone more. She was SO hospitable and shared her supplies. Despite her health problems she was always SO upbeat and positive. I think her business and the art group was what kept her going. She was truly an amazing woman, and will be sorely missed. I will miss her sweet, upbeat comments. I will miss her emails. I will miss the art group, even though I was not able to go often.
Because I just took Pam Bell's stamp line and the Lucid Dreams stamp line, I had alot of emails last week with Vickie. Lots of things were said and we talked about her health, how she was feeling, etc. She said she was not feeling bad, and that she actually had more energy than she had in a while since she was put on Oxygen recently. She wanted to do things-go outside for walks, etc. Despite how she felt, she continued to work, and to work hard.
My gosh what a huge loss to the stamping community.


Andrea said...

Oh I am so very sorry to hear this! I only knew Vickie from her yahoo group, but she was so wonderful. She had emailed me a really encouraging note when I signed up because I was so frustrated. I am so sad and am so sorry you lost your friend.

Anonymous said...

Kristy, I am so sorry about Vickie. It is hard to lose someone so special in your life. It is a sad loss for the stamping community as well and one that will be felt for a long time.

Kelly Kilmer said...

Oh Kristy, I'm sitting here in tears. I can't believe Vickie is gone. There is a huge hole in our art world today.

Miz Carla said...

Hi Kristy,
I came to check on you soon after I heard. Poor sweet Vickie, and poor's so sad. I'm sending big hugs to you and Pam both, and wish I could be there.


sue said...

Oh my god, I'm so sorry. There have been several times over the years, that Vickie & I have exchanged emails, and she always struck me as such a kind & caring person. The world shouldn't have to lose a good person like that.

purplepaint said...

Kristy - thank you for the compliments on piece in memory of Vickie. I'm hoping to inspire more people to send a piece of art to her family, I'm sure Vickie would be thrilled! I was just getting to know her... She was very sweet and generous.

Digital Princess said...

Kristy. I am so sorry for your loss. I did not know Vickie but I am sure this loss will be felt far and wide in our art world.
Please know I am thinking of all of you that knew her and loved her.
Big hugs
Alanna Campbell

holly said...

I, too, am so saddened by the sudden loss of Vickie. I have been saving up so I could fly out and meet her. I have never found anyone so encouraging to me when I was beginning rubber stamping. She even took some of my ideas and made some stamps at my request. We've had internet contact for quite a few years and I was in many of her yahoo groups. I will miss her immensely. My condolences go out to you and her family as well. I have to mail off my artwork I did for her family. Vickie touched so many people's lives, what a wonderful example of how to live life to the fullest!!!