Saturday, August 11, 2007

Its been a busy week

My husband has been off work allllll week, hence interrupting my regular schedule!

We have been to disneyland this week, the beach, and we celebrated Gilly's 5th birthday yesterday :) Its been fun to say the least-just completely off schedule LOL I have not done any stamping since Monday.

I am acquiring another stamp line(s) soon, and played with a couple of the new images. Not a whole lot, but it felt good to stamp today, even if it was just a wee bit.

I am excited about the new images-they are some I used to press up for a friend a few years back, but now our other friend is selling her stamp line so I have agreed to take Pam Bell's line and do them for her. In fact, they are on my site already-just need to get the plates. That should be this week. They are FAB images!

I am attaching a picture of my Silly Gilly in her Mickey Mouse hat-I couldn't resist :)

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