Wednesday, August 1, 2007

hmmmmmmmmm..........what should I do today?

Thats what I said today..........I have felt a little lazy this afternoon........knew I wanted to stamp SOMETHING but had no idea what I wanted to play with today. So, I grabbed some Glossy paper, a few Color Mist Sprays (the ones from Outside the Margins) and some powdered pigments. I sprayed my glossy with 3 different coordinating color mist sprays, then added a wee bit of powdered pigments randomly. I then applied another piece of glossy (same size as the other) and pressed down for the ink to spread and peeled off the top. Voila! I am loving doing backgrounds that involve a couple pieces of paper (like this) because I always have a sheet to put away for later when I am in a pinch for time :)

The background is more subtle than it looks in the scan.

I made a quick atc with the background and I am attaching that too :)


Anonymous said...

Kristy, what a gorgeous background. Will have to try this...just got the mists a couple of weeks ago and haven't played with them much. I like how you use them.

Susan King said...

I love this Kristy! The background and the stamp go well together! You make it look easy LOL