Wednesday, August 22, 2007

First day of school

Its the first day of school today-its a bit bittersweet with my little one. It will be interesting-they put her in a special ed class, due to her developmental delays. I am struggling with it. I know eventually I will accept it, but, its hard. Luckily my good friend is an aid in the class-that makes it at least easier on me, and I know she is great with the kids. Gillian had a rough start today-I would have been fine until I saw the way she acted out this morning. She has to adjust-its a huge adjustment for her being at a bigger school, new people, new surroundings. I just hope this transition will be okay for her. Fingers crossed, anyway. I hope tomorrow is better for her than today was.
Aidan got the teacher he wanted-yay! I am excited for him. Last year he got a teacher that wasn't too great, so I am thrilled to know he got this particular teacher.


Anonymous said...

Wonderful pictures! They are such cute kids. I know Gillian will do may take a little time to adjust but I bet she will end up loving it!

Kelly said...

great pictures! Gillian looks so grown up!

vintagecollage said...

I just love first day of school pictures. Bet Gillian is already adjusting and Aidan is thrilled to get the teacher he wanted. It does make a difference. Debbie