Thursday, August 2, 2007

Fun with Starburst Stains

Starburst Stains are fun stuff (made by Lindy's Stamp Gang and they have a dauber on the top). I haven't played with them for a while so today I thought that was what I would bring out. I got my favorite "Color Diffusing Paper" out that I love SO well and just daubbed these on -spritzing with water as I went along and crumpling the paper up in between drying with the heat too. The crumbling of the paper really helped the colors to blend better. After I crumpled and straightened out the paper for the last time I rubbed my black ink pad over it, to create more texture. love it-it has the texture of momi paper, which I love.

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Anonymous said...

Kristy, the background is awesome. Love the colors. Seeing the projects you have been doing lately makes me what to get out my mists, daubers, and play. That is what I hope to do tomorrow. Keep up on the creating!