Sunday, January 22, 2012

My house smells like Valencia Oranges......

....all thanks to Citrasolv!  I have long wanted to play with Citrasolv and National Geographic Magazines, but could never locate any Citrasolv locally.  So I finally bit the bullet and ordered some.

So glad I did! It arrived a couple days ago and I have been dying to try it out. So I dug out a few pages of some old National Geographics to mess around.  I found that the more recent issues worked better (like over the past 10 years or so). I did try a magazine from around 1999 but found that the Citrasolv had to sit on the page for longer before it started to make any kind of difference.   Here are  a few pages from my efforts today. I grabbed a couple of stencils (wish I had taken more with me) to play with-hence the circles :)  I took the advice and played with this stuff outside where it is ventilated. Once they started to dry I brought them in-but the smell is strong. At least it smells pleasant :)  I can't wait to play with this stuff more-and try out some different things.

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