Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Chicken Soup and a Bottle of Steroids

My girl is at it again-she's got some upper respiratory thing going on.  This is her 3rd day off school-which is no big deal. The big deal is she is on steroids! eek!  This time they gave her a stronger dose, and wow-shes is literally bouncing off walls! I have to keep telling her to not jump around. She is jumping on the couch like a trampoline! Then she gets herself coughing and sometimes it lasts a while.
So Steroids are NOT my friend!LOL!!!! I did manage to do some doodling and playing with my watercolors today-its amazing how just even doing a little bit of that can brighten the day up. Art saves, right ?:)

I have been reflecting the past few days-its not been too easy.  I had a friend die on Sunday. We have known that this was coming for about a year, but this happened a little sooner that I thought.  I thought I was prepared, but it turns out, maybe not as prepared as I thought.  She suffered ALOT, and she was truly done after the holidays passed.  I just had two really great visits with her about a week before she died. I will always treasure them-we had some really good laughs (and she had a WONDERFUL laugh) and just some really serious talk. As I cried, she told me to please not cry, that this was just all part of the plan for her.  Its going to be hard, knowing she is not a phone call away, like she has been for me the past 10 years or so.  I loved her so much, and her family too. I looked up to her-and she always had a way of setting me straight when I was having a hard time (which has happened alot over the past 10 years).  Life is kinda funny, isn't it? I know that death is just part of our circle of life, but wow, how much it hurts to lose someone you love, even though you know that person is no longer suffering.   I know how important it is to let people we love know it, and I am so glad I told her that I loved her the last time I saw her.

More of my rambling , about reflection.
As the new year has started, it really got me thinking of all the challenges  I had last year. But, really, I had sooooo many triumphs. I think the triumphs far surpassed the challenges. Lets see, for starters-I got myself healthy again.  I realized how important it was to get rid of any stress, and how much that can impact your health.  I gave up Dr Pepper!  HUGE!!! I ran my first 5k, and got a pretty dang good time too. My faith has strengthened by leaps and bounds. I rediscovered sewing. Sent my daughter back to school (after a year of homeschooling).  I have learned to laugh at things more-even the challenges. I have learned to let things roll off my back more. I have learned that having my feelings are okay, and its okay to express them ( no matter what anyone thinks). I have learned to be honest with myself.  And last but not least, I have gotten rid of some things (and people) in my life who have really brought me down. 
Overall I am very happy, and soooo relaxed-much more than I have ever been. I am glad for a new year, and new triumphs :)


Lisa Gallup said...

Great post, Kristy. I'm so sorry for the loss of your friend. I lost a friend on Monday. It's so strange to lose someone from my own generation. It sounds like you did have a lot of great things happen last year. I need to make a list like yours, because in spite of all the crap that happened with me, I know there was a ton of great things that happened as well. I feel a doodle list coming on! ;)

Kelly said...

congrats on your 5K...i am hoping to do a mud run in the spring if i ever getted cleared on my foot.

Cath Wilson said...

Sorry to hear about your friend, Kristy. I went to the funeral of a friend of ours on Monday and his death has cast a shadow over everything since New Year's Day. Hard to lose friends and especially when they were suffering. Thinking of you xxx