Friday, April 8, 2011

Art journal play day: Good Heart

I have longed to play around in my art journal for a LONG time and just have NOT had the umph to do it at all (heavy sigh). But for the past week I have been feeling SO good. I mean, really REALLY good. The hormones have kicked in and I have been taking really good care of myself. Wow, what a difference. I don't even feel like the same person I have been the past couple years. I have more energy and such a good outlook on everything-nothing can get me down (and I won't let it!). I am like, seriously, GIDDY happy. Its amazing!

Today I felt especially inspired so I went and dug out my art journal. Actually I started playing in it yesterday, and went back to it to finish the page. I have my supplies laying all over..........and my daughter has been doing art right along side me today. Anyway, here's today's art journal page, with a quote from Dalai Lama. My, how I adore Dalai Lama-what a great, wise man he is.

For this page I used:

Caran D'Ache Pencils, watercolors,
gouche paints, Stabilo pencil, stencils, found papers, patterned packing tape, and a Pitt Pen.


JoZart said...

Wonderful to read how good you feel! Excellent news. love your journal and the great quote. It reminded me of when I saw the Dalai Lama give a lecture.Yes! he is amazing. It was so informal and he was such fun and made everyone laugh and feel happy so that is a very appropriate quote for the way you are feeling now.
lots of love
Jo x

Cath Wilson said...

Good to hear you sounding so positive, Kristy. Lovely work.

Rosie Rowe said...

Happy you feel better Kristy! That lovely page is a fitting testament to it! =)

Carol said...

Great to hear you're feeling well and creative! Love your journal page.