Friday, April 22, 2011

Art Journal Page -its about the process

I have had such a huge creative block for so long........I guess it takes "exercise" to get it going again. I need to make sure I am getting a little bit of art time each day, like I used to. I used to be able to sit right down and get right at it, and the creativity just is not flowing like it used to, darn it! I remember well a wise friend, Kelly Kilmer, once told me that its important to do something each day to keep it going. I know she was right, because it worked before :)

I dug out one of my art journaling books and did an exercise out of it and this is the result. I kept telling myself that its all about the process, not necessarily the result. I feel like I am starting at the bottom again. I want to get back on track so I can create just the way I did before. I can see that is going to take lots of effort. Ah well, I will get there.

I guess my daily walks were on my mind as I did this page. Walking each day has brought me lots of joy-I enjoy it so much.

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JoZart said...

You've got all of the pieces, but it just takes time getting the jigsaw back in order but you will do it bit by bit, one step at a time.
Hey! That sounds like a horoscope in a magazine but at least this one will come true, I'm sure.
Take care, smile and be happy!
Jo x