Sunday, May 3, 2009


I took an Assemblage Workshop today. WOW!! I have not done this was
A-maaaaaaaazzzzzzing! I have really needed something to spark my muse. In the past couple months I have felt it has really taken the "high road." It was fun to learn something new.
The guy who did the workshop has taken multiple workshops with Michael DeMeng, so it was REALLY a great workshop. I even was able to pick up a small piece of his original art (Richard Freund's) which I was pleased about because he is popular in this area.

Pictured are the 2 assemblages I completed today. It is so hard to get a good picture of these.
I have been really excited about this workshop the past several months. I can feel a style change coming. Its part of growing as an artist, and trying new things. Not that I will change completely-I am just ready to do some more experimenting. I LOVE to play. This workshop was JUST what I needed!


Roberta said...

These turned out great!! Can't wait to see your other ideas put into action. Was there any one special tip you learned that you could share?

Anonymous said...

Wow, these a wonderful!! I cant wait to see what else you create from what you learned.

Laura Haviland said...

These are way cool, so different.
Love these, a lot.
Can you share some ideas?
Your great !
Wanted to stop by and say hello to you.
Hugs, Laura.

Shelly Hickox said...

These are very cool! I am excited to see more work like this from you.

Alicia G. said...

Wow, these are fantastic!

Karen Campbell said...

I think these look terrific ... really innovative design!

Richard said...

Kristy, Thanks for the exuberant comments and the link to my website. You were certainly one of the most enthusiastic and fastest participants in the workshop. And you had two of the best pieces made that day (and that is saying something as almost all twelve attendees made pretty good works of art).