Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Inkastamps is closing

I am sad to announce that Inkastamps is closing their doors. I have enjoyed being one of their designers but due to health issues and wanting more time to do her art, she feels its time to close. I know how hard this must be for her, being I went through this myself. Its kinda scary-its like a part of you is gone for a while. But I hope her void will be filled with art and everything she loves! Here is the blurb about the sale:

Closing sale-they will be offering 60-75% off !

"After almost 10 years in business, life is telling me it is time to quit. I want to thank all my loyal customers for your patronage through the years. Many of you have become my friends and they are friendships I will always treasure! Hubby and I will be celebrating our anniversary on the 1st and will be out of town until Monday. I will start filling orders when I return and all orders will be filled first come first serve basis. "

Its a very sad time for Inka :(

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