Thursday, April 9, 2009


I have been in a contemplative mood lately.........I attended a "reunion" of sorts this past weekend, with some folks from my Jr High. Yes, Jr High. Crazy, I know! A bunch of us got back in touch on Facebook, and so we met up. I was really excited to go, but someone from my past showed up that I was not expecting to see. This person was rude, and inconsiderate to me. It has hurt me badly. I let it roll off my back while I was there, but it hit me afterwards. I am trying to work through this ( I don't understand how after 16+ years someone could not get their acts together and just grow up!). Everytime I go to one of those things, I leave feeling inferior. It always messes me up for a few days. I have an upcoming 20 year HS reunion, and I have thought long and hard about going. I have now decided NOT to go-especially if I am left feeling like this. Its just not right. And its not that I am ashamed-I have accomplished much and have so much to be thankful for. I figure I am in touch with those that matter most to me- I don't need to go and do that to myself!
Here's a bit of effort in a journal page. Its been a while since I have done a journal page and it was very therapeutic!


Anonymous said...

Kristy, such a gorgeous piece. I love the colors. I am so sorry about what happened this weekend. You are right you would think that someone wouldn't do this after 16+ years. But you know what that is there problem not yours. You didn't do anything wrong and you shouldn't feel you did...nor should you feel you brought it about. I would go to your 20th reunion...Hold you head up high...let this person know that you are so far above those words and them. They will pay in due time.

Charlyn said...

I can't believe some people. I guess some people never change. What a shame! I felt the same way about my just past 10 year reunion and figured anyone I wanted to see I was already in touch with. I am just so very bad at social situations now! Guess I'm out of practice! I'm sorry you've been feeling sad.

mary schweitzer said...

I have a reunion coming up too. AndI'm not going either. The woman running it seems a little meanspirited and hard, not like I remember her at all. And I think I would rather remember people fondly. And forget about the ones who deserve it.
You can't go back.

Mari said...

Kristy, I'm really sorry to hear that you had a hard time this weekend! I know exactly how you feel - it's why I decided to skip going to my upcoming reunion too. Anyone that you *want* to know, you already do. The others, well, you may miss out on some fun, but in the end it always seems to end up feeling like high school all over again. Blech!

Shelly Hickox said...

This is gorgeous Kristy. I can't imagine anyone being mean to you! I always think it's weird that we're expected to stay in touch w/people we knew for such a short time at such a young age. If there was a lasting connection, you'd still be friends, right? It's the people who are around us now that are really important!

Also, one reason I'm not a big Facebook fan, lol! Maybe I don't *want* to be found. ;-)