Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Assemblage Progress

Here is my Assemblage in the works-Its very close to being done.........but still a teeny bit more to do before I feel it is completed! I am LOVING the way its coming along!

The image of the man is from my pal Kelly at Collage Visions!
This image just fit so perfectly for this and the feeling I am trying to convey. He is behind a piece of mica :)

I think I have found a way to take better pics of these things-I found a different setting on my camera and its working better. Go figure-I have had this camera a couple years and apparently do not know it very well!! duh!!


Roberta said...

Very cool! I love how it's turning out!!

Sharon said...

This is beautiful,it looks like an ancient relic.

What materials did you use?

Seth said...

Great piece. I love how it has come together!

Anonymous said...

Wow, this turned out fantastic! Great job on it! I am curious how did you make it?