Tuesday, April 1, 2008

the miracles of giving up sugar-an update

Okay I confess........I have screwed up a few times......okay, more than a few! But, it wasn't like the binging I was doing! :) But even when I DO screw up on it, because the rest of my diet is good, it doesn't hit me as hard as it used to. I would bottom out by around 2pm-had to take naps every day and I would still wake up exhausted. Now, I able to stay up till like 11pm, wake up 5:30-6am and stay up all day with no naps at all-generally I am not even tired. Its just amazing to me. My mind does not feel fuzzy and I feel happy-not grumpy. No more headaches! I constantly had headaches. When I was consuming the quantity of sugar and pepsi that I was, I was a mess (okay, I admit it). I could not figure out why I was so tired and unhappy about everything-I had NO reason to feel that way. I know in my blog posts you probably could not tell I felt that way-I didn't want anyone to know.....it drove me crazy that I felt the way I did. I have none of that now........its SO awesome! Its still a bit tough to get up in the morning, but as long as I get up first thing and head for my yogurt (plain-ugh-but it has loads of protein) I do pretty good. Walking past my favorite sweets at the store is much less tempting now too.......so I think I am on my way :) I just gotta stick with this. I will also admit I am getting addicted to going to the gym-I went 5 days last week and will probably do the same this week. I LOVE starting my day out that way-I have even more energy the rest of the day when I go.

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LostLuggage said...

ohh..I am interested in this...I must have missed your initial post on the subject. DId you give up refined suger? Carbs? Candy?? And about your pepsi...was it diet or regular? Sorry for the barrage of questions...but I can't figure out why I need a nap every day too!