Thursday, April 10, 2008

a HUGE compliment!

I have been quiet all week, I know! I have had a sore throat all week and last night it got so painful I went to urgent care. Today I have no voice and I am just tired so I am taking it easy.

Anyway, I came home to a message today from the lady who purchased my "Wayland's Watching " piece at the recent art show (it ends today actually) that is pictured here. She said she had some questions. Hmmmmmmm.......I thought. It kinda made me nervous actually!LOL I have never had someone call me after purchasing my art before.

So I called her back-I hardly have a voice right now but I called her back soon after I listened to the message. She asked me alot of questions on like how I did things and what I used, and how I named him (winking at Carmen!).........and she told me how excited she was to have the piece and how she loved it. I was so flattered.

This lady has been exhibiting for a long time and is a great artist herself. Towards the end of the phone call she asked me "Where did you go to art school?" She was so surprised when I told her I am completely self taught. She then said "You are gonna go places!"

Now how HUGE a compliment is that???? I feel like I am floating on air. That meant so much.

I still consider myself fairly new to all WOW!!!

I really wanted to go down to the gallery and take a last look at my pieces that sold. But, I just didn't get there this week. I was sort of sad about it earlier. When I came home to that phone call it just made my entire day. Its so awesome to know, that something I created made someone else that happy. As hard as it is to let go of my work when it sells, calls like that I received today made it all worth it! What an awesome feeling.

Tomorrow I go pick up the one piece that didn't sell-I am actually very excited to hang her in my home. I am anxious to update my house with some newer artwork. I have alot of my older stuff from a few years back on the style has really changed so I really want to update it.


Debi said...

Kristy, what an awesome compliment on your art...I agree with her you are going places. Keep up the awesome art!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations...on the sale and on the extra compliments from the buyer!

Evelyn in Oregon

Carmen said...

Kristy - This just reaffirms to me my belief that although stretching ourselves is hard and stepping out of our comfort zones is even harder, that's where we grow the most. I remember reading your post about selling your art and how hard it was to let go of it, but if you hadn't done that when you did, yesterday's phone call wouldn't have come.

What an amazing (and absolutely well deserved) compliment!!! I'm really, really happy for you!

She's right, you are going to go places!

Have a great weekend!!!



P.S. Wayland was my grandfather and sometimes I feel like he's watching. When I saw your piece, I immediately thought of him and had to suggest that name. I'm so honored you chose that name.

Wanda H said...

Kristy, that was very sweet of her to call and the timing was perfect for you. I'm thrilled at the success you are having with your art as I love it too. I hope you get well soon!!! ((HUGS))

JACKIE M said...

Kristy I am not a bit surprised the buyer was so impressed with your piece it is beautiful. well done =0)

Sherry/Cherie said...

Compliments that come out of the blue, from people we don't know make us feel like we rock...and it's that recognition that makes it all worthwhile!

Inka said...

Well of course your going places … right to the top! Then I can say I knew you back when :) Congratulations on the well deserved recognition!

joanne wardle said...

wow what a huge compliment, well done

Mary S Hunt said...

How fabulous to be given such wonderful feedback
feel better real soon...

Debby said...

Kristy you are a HUGE talent! I'm surprised you don't know what a following you have. Everything you do, for me, is awe inspiring. You totally rock in my world!