Friday, October 30, 2009

New Moon Linoleum Carving

I was thinking last night in my drunken "Nyquil" haze that I needed to do a Linoleum carving of "New Moon" since I did one last year for Twilight. So that is what I set out to do today. This took me around 2 hours to do (with breaks so not to have my neck aching!). Of course now that I see it here I see a change I may just make to make it better. I am SO meticulous about my carvings! But for now I am going to step away for a long break. Don't be surprised if you see a revision on this. I love the instant gratification of doing these. Now I am looking forward to doing "Eclipse" when it comes out!


Cath Wilson said...

Fabulous, Kristy - lovely to see you carving again - I still love your carved stamps :)

Barb said...

How very clever/talented you are to be able to do this! I remember making lino cuts in art class at school..a long time ago , but nothing like this.Fabulous!

Anonymous said...

Wow, Kristy this is awesome!! You are so talented!!

Lisa Holtzman said...

This is amazing! How do you hand carve something like this??

Wezz said...

I totally LOVE that carving! Wish I could do something like that! I still have a linoleum kit somewhere from when I was a kid, believe it or not.
Great work!

Wezz -