Thursday, October 1, 2009

All Play and No Work

Don't we all kinda wish for that? I know I do!
When I think of kids-thats all they have really!
Makes me wish I was a kid again.That is what my art journal is based on today. My brother in law was visiting the past few days, he just returned from Iraq and we have been going through millions of old pictures-lots of my husband's mom(she passed away 9 years ago due to breast cancer) as a child and their childhood photos-and it has made me think how lucky we all were as kids to be carefree-all we had to do was play all day.

For this page I used Oil pastels, graphite, charcoal, water soluble crayons, patterned paper, vintage wallpaper and map, some acrylics, old photo, alphabet stamps and masking tape

Pictured here is my daughter with her uncle (& my Brother in Law), Matt, who just recently returned from Iraq!

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Anonymous said...

Fantastic card! Beautifully done! I know what you mean about being a kid. In someways it would be wonderful to go worries, just planning to play with whom, etc. Great picture!