Monday, September 14, 2009

the past 2 weeks

I am still alive! The past two weeks have not been all that easy. Here I was SO excited to have the kids back to school so I could get back to my art-unfortunately that really hasn't happened. Hopefully now this week I can get back in the swing of things.

I don't normally go into too much personal junk, but today I just need to vent, so here goes.

A couple weeks ago we had some trouble with my little girl-she never adjusts well to change. School started-so she has the new teacher, new classroom, new kids in class, and first grade has a different teaching style, you get the idea. Sigh. I had my hopes up way to high, thinking she was going to be just fine. Boy was I wrong! The teacher was overwhelmed and I was trying to just fix everything so that everyone was happy-changing Gillian's meds, etc. Now things seem to be better. But for about a week there I had several meltdowns and had no energy other than what it took to get my daughter straightened out.

Then there is our neighbor across the street. Sigh. They have lived there 2 years and we have called the cops at least 4-5 times (which honestly we should have called more than that). Domestic Violence, Loud Motorcyle and many cars going in and out all hours. Lots of fighting-very VERY foul language and everytime I have talked to the guy he is intoxicated. Lots of late night parties and creepy people .Their dog will run around unrestrained and when other people walk their dogs this dog runs out and attacks them. I have seen the guy who lives there (literally) attack a woman in his driveway!! Just bad all around. Anyway-we have had it. Just over a week ago he was screaming profanities and threats at his girlfriend who lives there. Sometimes this goes on for a looooooooong time. I called the cops-after the third time they finally got the guy . He ran away the other two times they had come by. He was in jail a few days (for criminal threats/domestic abuse) but now he is back. Our friend is a local policeman and he was at 2 of the 3 calls to this house that night. I have contacted the property management company (anonymously of course) and let them know what has gone on there the past couple of years and apparently they have had a talking to. Today our friend at the P.D. is meeting with property owners/managers to keep our community "Crime Free" and he is going to talk to the property manager of their property about getting these people evicted. He said they can do a 3 day eviction on these folks. These people scare me. Seriously! I feel like a prisoner in my own home and I fear retaliation. I have seen what this guy is capable of. But, I had to do these things to get our peace back-I think everyone else in the neighborhood was afraid to do anything. So here I sit today, on pins and needles, wondering if the police will be there today to tell them to get out. Or tomorrow. I carry my phone with me everywhere I go should I need it. I won't even let my kids play outside-they need to stay in or play in the back yard. I think I am afraid because A) we are right across the Street ,B) because I KNOW I am the one that called and I fear that may leak out and C) I am pretty much the responsible one for everything that is going on with getting them out of here. But a part of me feels very guilty too. There are several little girls that live at that house that belong to the girlfriend of the guy who lives there. I feel horrible at the thought that they may not have anywhere to go. They are cute little girls who just don't deserve to be in that situation. I know its the right thing I have done, and its taken me alot of courage, and someone had to do it. I took this chance for not only ourselves, but my dear neighbors. The good ones, that is :)

But one thing I am grateful for, is my dog. My beautiful German Shepherd that stays in our backyard and protects us. I know if I should need her, I just need to let her in, and she will scare whoever comes to our door!LOL So that is what my journal page is about today, my Protector, my dog Xena.

I really have not done much in the way of art the past two weeks. I feel so "rusty." But I need to make a pact within myself this week that no matter how figgity I am , I need to do something. I have a pile of really great junk that is calling out for me to do some assemblages. I need to get back into the groove!

Thanks for letting me vent :) I am hoping to hear from my favorite Police Officer soon on the status of our hopefully soon-to-be ex-neighbors.


Erin and Nathan said...

I know what you mean. I miss my German Shephard every day. And being in Apt.'s make for really crappy neighbors. Just yesterday, Cops came to the door with a little girl that was lost. Without shoes and a very dirty face. I hope everything goes okay. Call me if you need anything or if you just want to talk.

Tolegranny said...

I'm only a phone call away too Kristy. I also have broad shoulders.

Mar said...

oh my!!
i remember now why we moved from the big city
to the small country town...
thank goodness for xena...(nice tough name too!)
everything some point and you will get back to a "normal" for you...
soon enough
and then
look out studio
you will be cranking out the work to relieve all the fustration
you can see the good that came from it
you started already!
xena's tribute piece
which is lovely
venting is good for the soul...vent away