Monday, September 21, 2009

In a Creative Funk.........

Okay please stand and raise your hand if you have ever gone through this!!! I feel like I have been in a creative funk for quite a while now. I know the past several weeks I have had my hands full-just when I think I am on the up and up I get hit with a bad sinus infection-and if you have had one before you know how it makes you not want to do anything at all! Anyway, I am back now!LOL I knew I wanted to do something today. But when I sit down and start my mind drew a blank. Thinking.......I knew I have been wanting to do some assemblages again-so I excitedly grabbed all my great "junk" I have accumulated, thinking maybe something in there would "grab" me. Nope, not a chance. I kept going back and forth, thinking......well maybe I just won't do anything at all. But I also realize, when you have not done anything for a while, you kinda lose it, you know? In order to get back to doing anything , you need to just "Show up" even when your muse doesn't.
That reminds me of a conversation my dear friend Cindy and I had one day, on our art supply excursion some months ago. We talked about just what I mentioned, and how we have "done our part" if we just show up and try. So that is what I have done today-I tried. I started. Fingers crossed that tomorrow is better. I don't think what I did today was bad at all. Its a start! And I think about ole Bill Murray in "What about Bob?" where he says "Baby Steps!" I guess that is what I am doing, baby steps. I have done a little stamping lately, but honestly I think I was sort of taking a break from blogging-feeling lazy too, so I didn't post anything here. But I am resolved to be back , and NOW. I need to put a fire under myself to just try, no matter what I am feeling, to do something. After all, if ya just do something every day, your creativity will keep going. At least that was my motto before I went into this creative funk!
I got my inks and stamps out today-these are new ones from the Stampinback collection over at I Brake For Stamps. I have a real affinity for pears, so I thought this may just help me. I got messy with my beloved drips on the background on this too :)

So I leave you with an excerpt of "What about Bob" where he takes Baby Steps :)


Dawn said...

Man, for being in a "funk" and creating this piece, I am envious of you!! I love it.

Anonymous said...

Maybe it's the seasonal shift...but I agree with Dawn...this is a great piece of art. Cheers!