Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Don't follow your dreams, chase them

Isn't this quote so true? I had run across this quote and had to use it for one of my art journal pages. I just went with serendipity today and included it on this page. I was thinking today as I looked through my art journal-there are so many positive things there. I know as I keep doing these and fill my pages up that hopefully someday when they get passed down (if my kids don't just throw them out!LOL) of if someone gets ahold of them that they will gain some inspiration from them. Its great to take your emotions and put them down and make them into something beautiful, even if that particular day you may not be feeling particularly positive (Not that it is my case today, I was just thinking).

Here I am on day two of "Baby Steps" and like I had hoped , it was even better than yesterday.

Looking forward to playing again tomorrow!
Here I have used Acrylics, caran d'ache crayons, collage, stencils, graphite, charcoal and alphabet rub ons


Mixed Media Martyr said...

Love your 'baby steps' and love the idea of making things into 'something beautiful'... a wonderful legacy!

Anonymous said...

What a fun piece! The quote is so true!!