Friday, November 28, 2008

Theme Thursday-Santa

Here's an ATC I made a while back using a Santa from Artistic Outpost
I know I am sort of cheating-I did not actually make this yesterday or today, but thought I would share it anyway because it went with the theme :)

I love this old fashioned santa image!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Created By Hand Challenge: Christmas Music Cards

Here is my contribution for the Created By Hand Challenge this week. I used new Christmas Images from Quietfire Design.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Mixed Media Monday-Eyes

Here is my attempt today for Mixed Media Monday. I just made an ATC-stamps used here are from ISC -lots of masking and sponging and also used Pastel Pencils too.

3 Weeks Down, 3 More To Go!

Thats what this journal page is about.........I noted a few things that stuck in my head about some of the progress I have made. It felt great to do a journal page........when I sat down to do it I had no idea what to do it ABOUT. So, this is what I came up with. I have made notes on some of the progress I have made over the past few weeks.
My poor brain feels like jello........I don't know if its from the anesthesia I had or what. I heard it takes quite a while for it to exit our systems. I really want my creative mojo back! Its killing me!

Friday, November 21, 2008

18 days post-op and I am driving again!

I haven't done much.........haven't done anyting artistic at all the past few days and I am missing it but at the same time have had no energy to do any! I am hoping tomorrow I will feel up to it-we will see. I am easing back into my routine a bit-doctor gave me the okay to drive, so yesterday was the first day driving my car since before the surgery. I have to say I was nervous and it felt so strange. I just have to watch for bumps in the road-those hurt. But, it feels good to be getting SLOWLY back into my routine again. My mom left me yesterday so I am on my own now. I was a mess yesterday, but I feel good to have been able to do SOME normal things, even if I am slower than a snail! I just look forward to having my energy back, and I look forward to going back to the gym, and doing my art again every day!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Did something else today

I am taking things slow......I got really tired yesterday so I thought I would just do one thing. It makes me sad because I really want to do more ;(
This image from Inkastamps has been calling to me for a while now. I got this before I went in for surgery but had no time to play with it. I used markers to watercolor the image, and to add to it, I used the waterbrush with a black marker and made some speckles on it. I love the effect.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

12 days post-op...

...and I just could not stand it, I had to try stamping something. I am literally going stir crazy-I cannot stand just sitting around doing nothing. But I am officially worn out now. I also had my first outing to the store-I rode around in a cart! It felt just weird and awkward, but it did me alot of good to get out. My pain level has really gone down alot, but I still can only do so much before I just get exhausted.

Images used here are from I Brake For Stamps

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Vitamin V

Oh man, in my doped up state I remembered something that just HAS to be blogged here.
Okay, you know when you go into surgery and they give you the medication to relax you-its called Versed. Anyway, apparently I got REALLY lively. Doctor said people normally are quiet and relaxed-NOT me. She said that I was talking about how I got SO much inspiration from the medicine and how I could create all this great stuff being on it..........LOL!!!!!!
Apparently the whole operating room was roaring. The following day of the surgery the 3 anesthesiologists came to see me and they all said how funny it was. LOL
Oh well, at least I was able to make them laugh. My doctor said she had never seen me that way before-she said I am always serious and in pain, so she really thought it was something .

Friday, November 7, 2008

Ouch Ouch double Ouch

I am home was successful but boy do I hurt! she had to do extensive work that was not expected-all thanks to lots of scar tissue from my C-section 6 years ago! My pain level right now is high, but when I am up walking a bit it seems to help for some reason. Right now, my "Tummy Pillow" is my best friend! I don't go anywhere without it.
I don't feel like doing much but resting, and my appetite is slowly coming back-I had a couple days where I was sick because they fed me solid foods too soon (big booboo-it was an accident).
So I am taking that slowly and just eating small meals of soft foods. I am trying to be positive-yesterday was bad and it took all my energy just to get home, but I am SO glad to be home.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Over and out.........and least for a while.

Tomorrow is my big day for my surgery. I am the FIRST one tomorrow morning. So today, the last time for a while, I did a little stamping. These are some images I have been dying to play around with from Artistic Outpost. I LOVE Einstein, so I just had to have some fun with these today and made a couple of ATC's.
I have to say, I will miss everyone! Hopefully I will be back to my art in no time. I have canvases screaming to be painted , art journal pages to scribble on, and stamps waiting to be used. I look forward to creating again.


Saturday, November 1, 2008


These are a few samples for IBFS using a new Wings Sheet they have coming out this next week!

African Themed Stamps from IBFS

These are some samples I did up for Della of I Brake For Stamps using a new African Themed sheet she has coming out this next week!