Saturday, November 15, 2008

12 days post-op...

...and I just could not stand it, I had to try stamping something. I am literally going stir crazy-I cannot stand just sitting around doing nothing. But I am officially worn out now. I also had my first outing to the store-I rode around in a cart! It felt just weird and awkward, but it did me alot of good to get out. My pain level has really gone down alot, but I still can only do so much before I just get exhausted.

Images used here are from I Brake For Stamps


Mar said...

i was wondering how you were holding up with the "stillness"
lovely pieces!
and it is nice to see you are recovering without complications

keep up the good work...(of getting better)
your artwork is top notch

joanne wardle said...

love the backgrounds kristy. glad you are improving. hope you are up to full health really soon

Loudlife said...

I can't believe it has already been 12 days - wow, time flies! I love what you did! I'm betting, though, that you want to go score some "V" and see what comes out of your creative brain then! LOL! It sounds like the doctors would be all for it!



A friend of mine was laid up recently and spent that time cutting out images for collage - she did about a million - would that work as a time-spender for you? Or would it be just as tiring?Since it's my least favorite part of collage I would probably end up stabbing myself with the scissors after about 15 minutes!

windy angels said...

wonderful pages. wishing you much strength and patience as you recover.
angels be with you

Evelyn A said...

Glad that you are slightly on the mend! It's great to see your work again.

Evidence of an Artistic Life said...

Beautiful, Kristy!! Hope you are on the mend and that you get your strength back soon!! Take it easy on yourself!
chris p