Friday, August 29, 2008


The last couple of days I have been feeling some better. Today in particular is about the best day I have had in weeks. I have to do a CT scan still , as the doctor has ruled out alot of things-or things we thought it could be, but the CT scan should tell her if I have this other disease that I have symptoms of. Its totally treatable, and it sure could be much worse, but I will live. I am still really tired, but at least the past couple days I have not been in so much pain-actually I have not had to rely on Vicodin at all these past couple days, and thats a really good thing. The doctor told me yesterday that I looked better than the week before.

I really felt like I was too tired to do any art at all, but I sort of made myself. Once I got started it just felt so good to do something.
This page includes:
Tissue paper, electrical tape, acrylics, masking tape, collage image from Lost Art Creations, stickers and Pitt Pen.


Anonymous said...

Kristy, I am so glad to hear that the pain is dissipating. I am sure as a few days go by without fighting pain you will start feeling a bit better. At least we now know that something terrible isn't wrong and that you have something that can be managed. Wonderful page!!! It is good to see you doing some art. Hang in there. Keeping you in my prayers.

MarilynH said...

considering all that it could have been --this is good news. :) I will be thinking of you and hope you can get this behind you soon and feeling like your old self again!

This artwork ROCKS!!!

Lisa Gallup said...

So glad to see you making some art. After my hysterectomy, I didn't feel like making art for several weeks and I missed it soooo much. It really is healing!

Wanda H said...

Kristy, I am so glad you are feeling better!!!! The swelling has been better and I just don't think I wanna fool with anymore tests :-)))

Anonymous said...

Kristy...I am so sorry to read that you haven't been well. I hope things are getting better and it's a good sign that you are having less pain.

This piece is absolutely gorgeous and I love that doorway.

Sandy said...

I'm sorry you're not feeling well. I'm glad you had a pain free day. I understand those painful days, not fun at all. I hope your Dr.'s figure it out soon.

I love this page. Your work is always great.

Mary S Hunt said...

i hope you get to being back to your old self fast
even tho you haven't felt like being artful the pages i see ...from the post where it isn't cancer
are as awe inspiring as always
keep trying to get better..