Friday, August 29, 2008

First day of School

This past week my kids started school. Quite a transition for them both!

Aidan started Middle school-so he is switching classes (I think he has 6) and he loves it much better than Elementary school. He comes home bragging about how much better the food is and how they also have slushies-he's pretty excited about that. He proudly wore his Ramones Shirt on the first day-I got him listening to them and I have to say I am very proud of his choice in music LOL

Gillian is now in school ALL day and is in 1st grade. I actually got her in a "Pre-First" grade class-she is a little behind so the class will suit her. They start with some Kindergarten curriculum in the first 2 semesters then move on to first grade curriculum. They will hold her back again for first grade . It will work perfectly for her. Since she was so premature, she is developmentally delayed so I figure it gives her another year or so to mature. The first day was rough-she got very overstimulated (part of that lovely Sensory Integration Dysfunction) so I had to go and help her get calmed down and back to class. They have had to make adjustments to suit her needs but she is adjusting.

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Anonymous said...

Kristy, they both look like they are ready for school. Hope they had a good first day and like their teachers.