Thursday, July 17, 2008

Last Day of Summer School

The schools out here , always on the last week of school and the last day of summer school, have the firetruck come and squirt the kids with their big ole hose. I have never seen it before until today-I got there just in time! It was so cool! I was snapping lots of pics then all of a sudden (and I am sure it was NO accident!) I look up and they were aiming the hose at ME!!!LOLThe large stream of water hit me on the top of the head! I went running and screaming LOL It caught me just completely off guard!

Here's some pics from today-Gilly got pretty drenched. And yes, the date on my camera is wrong!LOL

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Esteemarlu said...

Too funny, reminds me of the time I got hit on the head with a ball in a toy store by a kid who was playing with the big plastic balls. That caught me so off guard.LOL!