Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Drawing is scary

This is just wayyyyyyyyyy outside my comfort zone! I have drawn, but its very rare. And when I do, it scares me to death. I think I am such a perfectionist that I get unhappy when it doesn't turn out and I walk away usually. But being this is an assignment for the Artistic Alchemy workshop, I just did it . Its a good challenge for sure and I hope that through drawing each day I will feel more at ease with it. When I was a kid, I drew alot, and I was actually quite good. But over the years I quit and well, I am sure out of practice! These days whenever I want an image I usually just end up transferring them, rather than drawing them. Here goes (and please don't laugh!LOL)

This is just very very simple, of course. Baby steps :)


B.T.B.B. said...

Kristy You're so cute! You'd be adorabke driving that lil pink bug. Convertible of course, with the wind blowing in your hair...oh wait, come pick me up and we'll both drive around with the top down and still look good when we get out with our short hair! Love ya!

Anonymous said...

Kristy, you are so funny. You are apologizing for your drawing before you get started. But you don't have any reason to apologize! I love it!! I think you did an incredible job on it...I know I couldn't do because I can't draw. Be proud of it!! It is just like riding a comes back to you.

Sue Simpson said...

Another great page. I too see you driving that pink bug!

Callee said...

I love this one. I LOVE pink. you are so talented. are these journal covers or just painting?