Thursday, July 17, 2008

Hearts and Memories

This is today's art journal page........all kinds or media used here: Portfolio Oil Pastels, graphite, calligraphy ink, masking tape, electrical tape,collage, watercolor crayons on the photo, gesso, rubber stamp, and color wash spray

I have to add-if you are wanting to get into art journaling at all, be sure to check out these books:
Visual Chronicles or Journal Revolution (I have both) by Linda Woods and Karen Dinino. They are funny and inspiring and I love gaining inspiration each time I look at them. I usually take them along with me to Gilly's therapy appointments to help pass the time too :)


Sanja said...

love th e colors!great work!:-)

Heather Robinson said...

Your book recommendations are always a big "hit" with me. I swear I purchase anything you mention. Love the darkness and mystery of this journal page. It's like there is such beneath the surface.

seth said...

Great page. I think just about all of my favorite supplies are included in your list.

Viola said...

Gorgeous work!!! :o)