Saturday, January 1, 2011

Fun with new Phone Apps

I have to admit, I have never been one to be all about the "bells and whistles" of fancy cell phones. I just had a simple pay-as-you go phone, that allowed me to take basic pictures and send texts (which I do ALOT). My phone enabled me to keep in touch with many friends, especially since my life is so crazy. Anyway, I have a birthday (gulp-its a BIG one) coming this next week. I have been saving my Swagbucks for months along with other money here and there. I was oringally planning on getting an iTouch so I could use cool apps and have music on it. Then, I happened upon a Samsung Intercept Android phone that I can use with my Pay-As-You go plan (I am super frugal-i have to be). Anyway, after really researching this I jumped and bought this phone, because it does everything I wanted in the iTouch, plus I can use it as a phone. Anyway, I think I was MOST excited about all the apps that are available. I downloaded the kewlest vintage camera apps-OMG, can you say addicting? Here are a couple I have taken. I have my cool Lomo and Holga cameras, but this just takes it all to a new level. I am in LOVE.

Maybe this fun phone will take the pain of my big {gulp} Birthday. loooooooooong, depressing..........sigh.

(PS-thats a jar of our garden carrots,my teenage son who looks so thrilled, and the dog is my sweet little Sumo)

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