Sunday, November 15, 2009

My Experiment with Golden Digital Grounds and Rice Paper

So I have had this bottle of Golden Digital Grounds for a long time-more than 6 months. I have done so much other stuff that this wonderful stuff has been completely overlooked. For some reason today I felt inspired to play with it-so I did.

I have a large stash of rice paper (you know, you never know when you will need it so of course I have it) and decided to try printing on it. Never in a million years would I even try to run this stuff through my printer-I have always been afraid it would tear and jam up in my beloved printer. I have heard of it being used with the Digital Grounds so I thought I would try it. I treated my rice paper as directed with the Golden Digital Grounds (gloss) and then taped the paper to my regular printer paper with masking tape. I was surprised-this stuff really goes a long way! I picked out the image of the door to try with this, and printed it up as usual on my Epson Inkjet printer. Wow! I LOVE it! I can see this opening a whole new door, so to speak :) Endless possibilities. This has left me wanting to try more. I tried placing the image I printed over a piece of old text and I love it! The rice paper is so transparent. I can see myself totally using this on my canvases. As much as I adore doing image transfers, this just may be another way to add an image without all the effort. This stuff has my mind spinning!


Anonymous said...

Kristy, I am so glad you shared the information tout your experiment. I have a bottle of it too. Have been a bit afraid to try it. Now that I have heard you have given it a try and really like it. Good to kow.

Cynthia said...

WHaooo this is a great experiment....have to try it too.
Love the door over the script.
Thanks for the inspiration

Yogi said...

Well I have a bottle of it too, bought about 6 months ago as well. BIG GRIN. And there it sits. I'm not into collage stuff so I guess it will sit for a while longer.

I can see this stuff being used on things that the printer wouldn't normally print on, but I have printed on Mulberry paper with repositional adhesive sprayed to the back of the paper and attached to regular copy paper. Worked fine. I would imagine rice paper would act the same. So why bother with the Digital ground for this?? Curious minds would like to know.