Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Assemblage-Guardian Angel

I began working on this one in May.........set it aside as I think I moved onto something else. I have been walking past this unfinished piece and she has been screaming at me to finish her. So today I went back to work. I like the finished piece-she is drying and waiting to be sealed but other than that she feels done to me :)

On to the next! I have my assemblage bug again. I have another assemblage in the beginning stages.
In case you noticed, I bounce around alot. I think I dabble in so much, but its nice , to me, to be able to do alot of different stuff. Its the creativity that counts to me.


Anonymous said...

Gorgeous piece of art! You are so wonderful at using color and texture! Great job!

Tolegranny said...

Great piece Kristy. You are so clever putting these pieces together.

Sharon said...

Hi Kristy,
As always your wok is beautiful and evocative. I love the colors-- are they in the metal or do you add it?