Friday, June 12, 2009

wayyyyyyyyy too busy

This past week I have just been totally getting out of school, and a 3 day migraine, 3 trips to the chiropractor among other things! I have done a little bit of stamping but thats about all. I will include them here!

Will be back soon! I am hoping , despite the kids being home, to be able to get some stuff done! Fingers crossed!
I bought some canvas boards and cheap paints for my daughter to paint-mostly so she can keep busy doing something so I can too!!LOL She's very artistic and this will be something new to her. I think she will love it :)


Anonymous said...

Stunning cards, Kristy! You always create the most gorgeous cards...incredible backgrounds. Enjoy your time away and hope you are able to get caught up!!

Gillian is getting so big! She is so adorable. What a neat idea to buy her canvas and paint...I hope we get to see some of her art work!!!

Take care!

Ophelia said...

These are gorgeous!!